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By 1957, Max V. Bargar had completed watchmaker and jewelry repair studies in Columbus, Ohio, at the National Jewelry and Instrument Co., and had spent time in the employment of several prominent retail jewelry establishments in the central Ohio area. Quickly gaining a reputation as a perfectionist, he could have easily settled into a steady, stable career in the trade, punching the clock, and supporting his young family of four. But, happily, this was not to be, for in 1957 Max decided it was time to do the “I want to be my own boss” thing. So on something just shy of a shoestring, in a sublet corner of a small, Delaware, Ohio TV repair shop, with one showcase and a watchmakers bench, Bargar Jewelry was born.

Any business that starts so small requires dedication and a real desire to succeed. Max Bargar had plenty of both, with a little bullheadedness thrown in for good measure. And the loyal following in the Delaware community developed. With work and more work, soon his own location, and gradually more inventory, the good years and lean years went by. No matter the economic conditions, who was in the White House, or what local issues were being hotly debated, Max’s determination to deliver quality with service at a good value was turning Bargar Jewelry into a solid, long term operation in downtown Delaware. And the loyal following continued to develop. To make a long story short, sons Dale and William entered the business in the ‘70s, taking on the bulk of the watch repair and jewelry repair respectively. They picked up their work ethic, and that “be your own boss” thing from their Dad.

In an age where businesses pop up and disappear daily, it’s nice to be an icon. In our own building now in the heart of beautiful downtown Delaware we plan to be an integral part of the community for years to come, filling your jewelry and gift needs, providing quality service, and earning your trust, one day at a time. Max ended up with a fine family of six, and can still be found, almost every day, right here in the store, doing anything from watch work, to selling that special Diamond to a young couple just getting started.

Max's son Dale was born into the business founded by his father. He and wife Susan took over the reins from Max in 1990, and grew the store with an ever wider variety of unique offerings of fine jewelry and gifts, all backed up with the personal service we're so well known for. Dale passed away in 2011, and is greatly missed by his family and the Delaware community he dedicated himself to serving. Today, Susan carries on the tradition started by Max and Dale as the store continues through its sixth decade.

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